Licensing Question

Hi L&L

I’m interested in purchasing Scrivener however I have a question about the license first.

I write equally from my home PC and my work computer (on lunch breaks and after work), and use Dropbox to keep everything in sync.

If I purchase one license am I able to install it on both machines? I guess this would be an extension of the home license scheme, except that one PC wouldn’t strictly be in the home.

Also FYI, I am a contractor so the work computer is still wholly owned by me - you can think of it as my second home computer that just happens to be kept at my work desk :smiley:

I hope this is the case - if so I’ll be purchasing immediately!


Yes! That having been said, there’s a sticky post about using Scrivener with dropbox that you might want to check out first:

Excellent. Thanks for the link too. I’m a solo user so hopefully I won’t be impacted too much by these problems, but I’ll be sure to backup regularly as well.