Life-changing app.. and one question to ask re file types

What an amazing app - my productivity has shot up by 100%. As an academic very attached to her iPad for all things research and writing, I’m beyond excited that Sriv iOS is here!

A question that I couldn’t find the answer to - apologies if I have overlooked it somewhere - what file types will the iOS version allow in the Research folder? I’ve been trying to import Powerpoint and that doesn’t seem to work. Is there a list of file types allowed anywhere?

Thanks again - well worth the wait!


The iOS version can import the following files:

  • Word, RTF, plain text, Markdown and Final Draft files
  • PDF files
  • Image files
  • Movie and sound files

It doesn’t support adding other file types simply because they cannot be displayed in the editor. This is because iOS does not have Quick Look like macOS does, which is what we use to preview other file types on the Mac. If we allowed the import of files that can’t be shown on iOS, our iOS-only users would think it was a bug that they were just presented with a “file cannot be displayed on this device” message, which is what happens if you try to open, for example, a Powerpoint file on iOS that you have imported on the Mac or Windows.

Many thanks for the kind words!

All the best,

For Powerpoint specifically, you might want to consider simply printing the presentation to PDF. I see a lot of Powerpoint presentations in my work, and have found that ‘PDF-ing’ them results in a much smaller file that is generally easier for most non-Microsoft software to deal with.