Ligatures Off in Script Mode?

I understand that once I export my screenplay projects to Final Draft, they will be using the Courier Final Draft font. But while working in Scrivener I would like to use another monospace font. It’s just a preference for my eyes!

I’ve selected a font called Nitti which I discovered while using iA Writer on my iPad. However I’ve run into a problem. This font supports the OpenType feature Ligatures for the character combinations ‘fi’ and ‘fl’.

When I create a new Script Mode document, I can select Format > Font > Ligature > Use None, and this successfully turns off the Ligatures.

But is there a way to permanently set this preference for the entire project, so that I can avoid having to take this step each time I create a new document?

Hmm, I thought you could via the font palette. In the default formatting preferences, I loaded up the font palette and then used the gear menu to select Typography. This presents all of the OT features available for the selected font, such as ligatures. But when I created a new document, this choice did not stick. It seems none of the typography options stick—though I’m not sure if that would be the right place anyway. Toggling common ligatures on and off in the main text editor doesn’t seem to make a change, where the menu item does.

Thanks! I was just starting to poke around in the font palette as well, called up directly from a document’s text, but with no luck.

Here’s another observation. By default this problem occurs when I use the Nitti font in the Scrivener and TextEdit application. But in the Mail application the problem does not exist. So apparently the default in Mail is to not have Ligatures enabled?

So far, the best way I’ve found for doing this is to use a document template. Set up a document with no ligatures, and then invoke the Format/Font/Remember Typing Style command, which will save any custom formatting even if there is no text. Now you can use this document to create new documents off of the Project menu, or the add button.

I’d like to try this idea, but when I select Format > Font > ‘Remember Typing Style’ is grayed out and not available. Am I missing something?

[EDIT] I just tried this with a new document, and now ‘Remember Typing Style’ is available.

Remember Typing Style is only available for blank documents - if a document has text in it, it’s pretty much meaningless, as typing style gets remembered based on the text content anyway.

Ha! I’m an iA Writer / Nitti fan as well. Having bought the Nitti font however, I found it too ‘wide’ for comfortable use. iA use a specially adapted version of the font, that is more condensed.

After some digging, I found out that the font is available as OTF in the iA Writer iPad software package (you can unzip this on your Mac) – it’s called ‘Witti’. :slight_smile: Use it all the time on my Mac now – couldn’t be happier…

Thanks AmberV and Not Kevin. Got the doc template workaround going ligatures-free.

RBM thanks for the Witti tip.

Good to hear doc templates will work for you. Do note that the first template in the list will be assigned a shortcut. So you can make these just as easily as you would a standard empty document.

Thanks also for that Witti tip!