light font on dark background in the Editor


How to set a light colored font in the Editor? I’ve managed to set a dark background but can’t seem to affect font color… (Preferences -> Appearances -> Customizable Colors -> Notes Text?)

I’m working on setting the whole interface to this color theme (for less white glare). Any other clue-in would be appreciated.



You would need to set the actual text to this colour, as a form of formatting, in your default settings, Formatting preference pane, using the mock editor where you would set up fonts and rulers.

It’s important to note that when you do this, as I say it’s really white (or whatever) text, so you will be dependent upon the Remove text color option in the Transformations option pane, for formats that respect text colour. As well, when you copy and paste out of Scrivener into other rich text environments, you may need to strip the colour to see it. So, it works, but there isn’t anything built around temporarily showing the text in a different colour than what it really is, in the main editor (Composition Mode on the other hand can do so).

Thanks very much for your help.

I find what you suggest works for the current and future texts added. But past texts stay black text on white pages.

Too bad there’s not a “dark view” like most code editors (which would give past, present and future texts light text on a dark background). Oh well, at least I can easily use the compose view in dark view.

You can use the menu Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style to change selected documents in the binder to match the settings you made for new documents.

Bear in mind when you use this command that because it will affect numerous files, there’s no undo.