Lighter icons?

I was working in a project today that I haven’t touched for about a month and a half and I noticed something odd: the icons for text files and folders are a lighter shade than the rest others. Resetting the icons to defaults doesn’t do any thing… This behavior is specific to this project…

Lighter icons:


Every other project on my machine:


My machine is a 2011 13" MacBook Pro, running 10.7.1 (A clean install to wipe out all of the old stuff from the SL install), and Scrivener 2.1. I would really like my icons to be the same across projects…

Anyone have any suggestions?


View/Use Label Color In/Icons

When this is turned on, the folder icons turn white so that the colour tinting algorithm has a better base to work off of. As for those file icons that are dimmer, they probably have a white or very light grey label applied to them. Potentially this was upgraded from a 1.54 project, which use white for “No Label”?


You hit the nail on the head… The funny thing is that the chapters that were all a lighter color were all added after I had upgraded to 2.x. This project started as a 1.5x project (as did a few others, but they never exhibited this behavior)

It’s fixed now though. I love it when the users of software are able to help one another…


Well, I work for the L&L team, but I’m also a daily user so I guess it still counts. :slight_smile: