LightZone is back

Found out this weekend that LightZone, the photo editor, is once again being developed. Funnily enough, I mentioned it to my wife on Friday evening, and then on Saturday, checking the MacUpdate site for updates to my apps, there it was in a new version.

I used to use it and really liked it, but then it dropped out of development a few years ago. Apparently it is now being developed again by the OSF, it seems. It’s free, but strangely, you have to register on the site to get at the download.

It works differently, is cross platform, and I found it more intuitive than Photoshop, et al. for getting the results I wanted — though of course dedicated Photoshoppers will disagree. I always felt the biggest problem to its adoption seemed to be the number of ‘reviews’ which were down on it because it is programmed in Java. That didn’t seem to be a problem to me and I have never understood why people were against Java. Someone might care to enlighten me …

But I for one am happy that LightZone’s under development again.

Mr X

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Sounds interesting.
I have never gotten the hang of Photoshop and Gimp seems gimpy to me so I have used Paintshop Pro through several upgrades. While it is somewhat intuitive the options and results are not overwhelming.

How does LightZone compare to PSP in ease of use and the learning curve?