Like it a lot!

I’ve been trying out Scrivener under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit for a couple of days, and I’m impressed. In fact, at one point I was thinking (combination of pathos and joy), “Oh Scrivener . . . wh-where have you been all my life?”

I’ve calmed down a bit since then, but I still think Scrivener has the potential to make my work easier and more productive. I’ve been testing Evernote this week as well, and I want to mention a couple of pros and cons.

Evernote’s tools for clipping from Web pages are slicker and perhaps faster than Scrivener’s; but Scrivener offers so much more flexibility in importing, from live browsing to text-only and several in between. The only thing that’s put me off is problems with blogs, which I’ve posted on the Tech Support forum.

Where Scrivener is far superior is of course in organization. All Evernote really has going for it is sorting by predefined criteria and tagging. Scrivener’s ability to sort, arrange, and organize precisely according to my needs and preferences is its most significant advantage for me. And of course there are labels, collections, etc., besides.

The one strong advantage that Evernote has is its ability to add material to a notebook from any device in any location with an Internet connection. Being able to type a sudden idea into my smartphone and add it to my notebook is really beautiful. Of course, that depends on a specific cloud-based model that is Evernote’s core. I suspect I may keep a free Evernote account to do that sort of thing, and buy Scrivener to copy material over from Evernote to do the actual work.

So, thanks for a fine product which I look forward to using profitably!