Liking the Update (After the Hotfix)

Just wanted to say that seems to be a winner. Only one of the bugs I found in 1.5.3 is still there, and it’s minor enough that I don’t care that much about it. With the hotfix, compiling now gives me exactly what I want, which is the whole point of Scrivener, isn’t it? Now I’m just waiting for the promised parity upgrade, when we poor Windoze users get all of the functions that those Apell people have had for so long.

Keep up the good work, guys!


+1 +1. We spent a lot of time on the compiler and it should be faster and better, Sabguinius. Glad you enjoy the new update and thanks for the feedback!!!

It doesn’t matter what you do … it’s still the best buy |I ever made :smiley: