Limit Search to selected folder?


Is it possible to select a folder and have Search look only at files within that folder?

When I select a folder or folders in the Binder, Search returns hits from the entire project, which is not what I am hoping for.

As it happens, my material is organized in folders such that selecting one or more folders would be the simplest way to start limiting a Search. I would like to be able to view a list of hits in the Search Results pane, click the most relevant files, and use Find until I get to the desired instance(s).

If selecting things in the Binder can’t be used to limit searches, what would you recommend?

It would be easy enough to tag files within a folder with a keyword (or perhaps one of the other metadata options) based on the folder name. It doesn’t sound like setting up a search using several keywords would be nearly as simple as selecting a few folders in the Binder. But I’m new!

As if that weren’t obvious.

Thanks for your advice!

In the Search bar at the top of the project window, click the downward arrow to show the search options. The section at the bottom will allow you to limit your search to things selected in the Binder or to documents included/excluded from the Compile command.