Limiting the compile

Afraid my ignorance is flaring up again. I have a number of folders and text notes but only want a certain master folder and all its subordinate folders/notes to be compiled.
Is there a way to quickly/easily tell Scrivener to remove folders from the compile? or do I have to work my way through the meta-data panel doing that?

EDIT: I think I figured this out. What I wanted to compile was at the same level as the “Draft,” so it wasn’t appearing in the compile step. When I subordinated it to “Draft” (and moved it up to just beneath “Draft” for clarity), it was ready-and-willing to be compiled. :smiley:


Never let that be an excuse. Around here it is a point of PRIDE! Here we display our ignorance for the pleasure of all.

Now, if you can rise to level of “complete idiocy” you will be one of the revered persona in these parts.

Good luck!

Thanks!! Very proud of myself that I figured out my "levels’ issue! :wink:

Keep in mind, that here in the opposite-verse progress is counted against you.