Line and paragraph spacing options don't stick on multiple paragraph selection

I selected multiple paragraphs and tried to change Format/Paragraph/Line and Paragraph Spacing. The little window showed 12.00 pt Before and 12.00 pt After. I wanted 0.00 After. I tried typing in 0, tried using the dial arrow to reduce it to 0.00. Nothing worked. I’d go right back in without disturbing the text selection – same text selected as originally – and it still said 12.00 pt After. Nothing I did got another result.

So, I selected only one paragraph and was able to reduce the spacing to 0.00 pt After. Then I had to update the Style to match the selection so I could apply it to the other paragraphs.

While I’m at it, I can’t find a way to simple edit/modify a style. I want the little window that let’s me specify properties for a style to pop up. All I see is “Redefine Paragraph Style from Selection” and “Delete Paragraph Style”. I want none of the above, lol.

Hi Skeptic23,

I attempted to reproduce this using the tutorial project and was unable to do so. Does this occur to you with any multiple paragraph selection? or is there something specific about the two (or more) paragraphs selected that caused this bug to appear? Were they in a specific style / different styles?

Thank you for your help with this!

As to your other point, once we have hunted down this bug I will gladly mark this post as a suggestion for us to look at at a later date. Currently there is no edit/modify style window. All styles are either created or redefined from a text selection in the editor.

Hey Philo, no prob. Old time coder, so it’s fun to be the guy who tries to break it, lol. I’m kind of a bug magnet.

I’ll have to play around with it tomorrow and see. The problem happens in the project I began in the production version that I converted to the beta version. I’ll see if it happens in the tutorial and let you know.