Line break removes styling

Whenever I press enter for a line break, the style changes to “no style”. Does anyone else have this bug?

It’s not a bug.

  1. When you create a paragraph style, at the bottom of the dialog is a drop down field where you can set the style to follow it.

  2. “No Style” should be your default for all body text in your document; on compiling it becomes “Body/Normal” style, whatever is used in the target format. If you style all body text, you are negating the flexibility of the compile system and potentially giving yourself a lot more work when you compile.



No style is your default style you have set up in File>options>editing>formatting. To prove to yourself, click in the file/folder you are in then go to above settings and will see current settings which should match your default settings. I do not like the phrasing, it implies you are not using the default style.

Not a bug? I have to manually change style every time I hit enter? That sounds like a bug to me.

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First time you set it for a style, it’ll be “self” at the top of the list.

But there is a bug in the software at the moment, hitting enter in the editor sets the next style properly, but the font and font size reverts to what is set as the default style. To avoid that bug, you have to save your style as “save all formatting” rather than “save paragraph style” as it is set to in my snapshot.

The would imply that you always write text in a Style diverting from the standard, which is unlikely. Update the “No Style” formatting to what you use for normal text.

(You might consider reading “17.1 Think Different” in the Scrivener Manual.)

I don’t know how to set a standard style.

Thanks. I can’t set the Next Style to itself, so I made two identical styles and set one to the other, and the other to the one… Can’t believe I have to work around things this much. Why can’t it just NOT change my style when I hit enter?!

When creating a new style :
2022-01-31 06_18_07-Window

It appears the wording was changed from “self” to “this style” somewhere in a recent update – or maybe even it is just me. (My bad.)

When tweaking a style :
2022-01-31 06_19_54-

Unfortunately, even tho it works, that’s a very bad idea. You’ll create worse time consuming issues for yourself down the road. (Whatever you might later want to do, you’ll have to do twice. Plus, you forfeit most of the “search by style” capabilities of the software. Among other things…)

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That question was already answered…

Seems like a very bad way to do it.

Yeah, well, you have to think al little differently. The idea is that you set up you default formatting once and don’t have to touch it unless you want a specific deviation from the standard, like headers. It makes you concentrate on your writing, not on formatting. That’s what Scrivener is about.
When you start making Styles for everything, you make it hard for yourself.

Paragraph styles also generally override the Compiler, which makes it harder to get your work out in a nice format.

This is what you’ll want to do to set up your default formatting to your liking. Set this to whatever you were trying to make your new paragraph style to.

To convert your existing text to the updated default “No Style” formatting, select all documents in the binder (hold the shift key to do this) and then go to Documents → Convert → Text to Default Formatting.

Now your text will be what you wanted from the start each time you hit a hard return.

Paragraph styles in Scrivener are designed for specific, select text, such as headers, block quotes, etc.