Line breaks in Epub

Hi, I’m totally new to Scrivener having just downloaded the trial today and generally I find it great. I have one query though. When I try compiling an epub file line breaks I have inserted don’t appear. They are fine with a docx.
Is there something I should be doing to ensure they appear?

What precisely are you referring to as a line break? If you turn View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Invisibles on, what symbols are you seeing on the ends of lines? Also what does the HTML itself look like in an ePub editor?

That said, there shouldn’t be issues with either paragraph breaks or line breaks, under default settings. If I insert a bunch of empty lines I get a bunch of empty paragraphs in the HTML. If I insert line breaks, I get one paragraph with
inserted at the end of every visual line.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve attached a couple of screen grabs which I hope will explain the problem.

If the intention is to have two empty lines here, then two regular carriage returns should work better. My guess is that the converter ignores empty lines that are line breaks, since that would typically be used to separate lines of content within a paragraph rather than to add space to a paragraph.

Thank you, yes the two carriage returns seems to work.