Line breaks in footnotes break hyperlinks

I’m compiling to PDF and some of my footnotes have hyperlinks that are longer than the page width. I’m finding that the hyperlink gets trimmed at the point where the line breaks in the footnote. Here is a screenshot showing a small icon when the mouse hovers over the hyperlink. Is there a way to keep the hyperlink from being trimmed?

… the human side of Unity… doesn’t look trimmed to me, just like …background of new thought… doesn’t.

It’s not trimmed in print but the actual hyperlink that is sent when clicked on a PDF is trimmed. So the user gets a broken link when s/he clicks on the link.

Can’t you use a text link instead of the full link?

Thank you, Felipe. The solution for me was:
Compile > Edit Format > PDF Settings > (uncheck) Optimize for print-on-demand services

Glad to be able to help. Glad you managed to find a solution, thanks also for sharing it with everyone!