Line Breaks

I know that I can enter a forced line break using ctrl-enter. In other software when such is entered, the new line conforms to the line from which it is detached. That is, the new line will align with the left margin and will not be spaced more than the line spacing of the whole paragraph. This used to be the case with Scrivener. However, for some time it has not been. I force a line break and if my paragraph style calls for 12pts between paragraphs, those 12 points are inserted between the lines and the new line assumes the indent attributes of a first line. I don’t know if I changed a setting or if something is broken, but this is quite frustrating. I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions? Thanks!

The first is a screen shot of how line breaks are working in Scrivener, the second is how they work elsewhere, in this case, in Pages:

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 9.12.27 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 9.14.03 AM.png

I think that if you search the forum this is down to a howling bug introduced into the Apple text engine with Sierra 10.12. If I remember rightly, it is a screen drawing bug and that the proper line-break code is inserted, so when you compile the line breaks should be there as normal—as long as you’re not opening it in another app based on the Apple text engine, which includes TextEdit of course and I believe Nisus—I seem to remember a thread on the subject on the Nisus forum when Sierra was first launched—but probably not Pages!


Thank you. That is helpful. It’s odd I never noticed this before, but in compiled versions everything is proper. And this explains why it seems like it USED to work and now doesn’t. Thanks for taking the time to explain. It’s an irritation, but now that I understand it, I can live with it and hope it gets fixed.