Line editing feature

Good evening (afternoon, or morning, as the case maybe), firstly the software is absolutely cracking, I’m probably not using it to its fullest potential, but I love it nonetheless.

As for my wish: Personally, I find it quite hard to edit my work and thought of a possible feature that may help others who want to be a little more thorough in their editing process (and hopefully save them money (though they still should fork out for an editor), and stop editors from banging their heads on tables).

So, how about a function that enables line by line editing, where the whole screen is opaqued to only show an individual sentence, with cursor commands to scroll through the piece of writing. This would enable the writer to really concentrate on the sentence to see if it actually works. There could also be a semi-transparent mode to see if the sentence fits into the paragraph properly.

Whether or not you implement this, thank-you once again for a fantastic product. :smiley:

Welcome to Scrivener and the forums, Makgeoli.

In the Mac version of Scrivener, if you go to View > Enter Composition Mode, move your cursor to the bottom of the screen to reveal the controls located there and press the Alt key, the Paper Width control becomes a Paper Height control - which you can then “close” so that the view becomes a letter-box shape - as tight as one line high if you want. I use this feature a lot.

Given the promise of feature-parity between the Mac and Windows versions, presumably this is on its way for Windows.

Ah that does indeed sound similar to what I was aksing for. I use the Windows version, so here’s to hoping this feature is put in.

Thankyou for your response, have a fab day and happy writing!

No problem, I am and I will be, thank you!

A piece of black cardboard with a rectangular area cut out of the middle set against the display works pretty good, too, and if you know how to do a nice bevel matte cut, it can even look fantastic.