Line Endings

In my document, most line endings are paragraph returns (¶), rather than being a single ¶ at the end of the paragraph. Is there an automated way to fix this?

Apparently there’s a way to do this is Word (MS Word: Replace Line Break, Paragraph Break) but I’d like to know if there’s a way to do this in Scrivener.

That was not at all clear. You used pilcrow twice.

Sorry. Here’s what a sample paragraph currently looks like:

and here’s what it should look like:

That looks like text that has been imported/copied from an OCR’d PDF with very long lines. I assume that real paragraphs are marked by two pilcrows.

Tedious but possible … use Search and Replace thusly:

  1. Search ¶¶ (opt-:leftwards_arrow_with_hook:︎ in Find dialog); replace with @ or other unused glyph;

  2. Search ¶; replace with Space;

  3. Search @; replace with ¶ (or with ¶¶ if you prefer).



Unfortunately, paragraph endings are only marked with one followed by another ¶ on a new line as shown.

If you look at this image of yours, you will see that you have single ¶s at the end of alternate lines giving the "spurious paragraph breaks that you don’t want, and it looks like three ¶¶¶s create intended paragraphs.

If you search for three consecutive ¶¶¶s and replace them all with @ or whatever,

the single ¶s won’t be replaced, so in stage 2 you replace them with a space. The final stage is to replace tha @s with ¶¶.

Believe me, it works; I’ve had to do it hundreds of times over the years.



Boy-howdy, you can say that again!

I usually follow it up with one more find/replace: find double-space and replace with single space. This is in case some of the unwanted returns that got treated already had a space character before them.

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Am I allowed to say “Me Too!” to all of that? :wink:


Well, not on the “boy howdy” part, but for the rest I’d give you a clear pass.