line jumping

Pasted text out of a PDF that underwent OCR.
Now I’m editing it in Scrivener.

I’m noticing that when I type new characters or delete wrong ones, the lines are jumpjng up and down. It’s like it is always trying to keep the line I just edited in the middle of the window (vertically speaking, that is).

Is this a bug or a feature?

This is a [edited by author: minor inconvenience] for me. I don’t want to have to edit my text in another app and then bring it into Scrivener.

Anyone else?

Have you got Text > Typewriter Scrolling switched on perchance?

Ummm… Not any more! :frowning:

Thanks mate!!

I’m gonna read the manual next time before I give you any more grief. Promise.

No problem. Given that I’m troubleshooting loads of bugs in new features right now (pre-release stuff that I need to iron out before the next update), “bugs” like this are my favourite. :slight_smile: