Line number on every line

Not sure why line numbering is not actually line numbering - but it is actually carriage return numbering made to look like line numbering only in the editor window. Can you we please have standard line by line numbering in the page view section. That way we can edit on a physical page and on screen in an efficient manner. Ideally, the two layouts should match. Thanks.

Honestly, there wouldn’t be much of a point in Scrivener doing that, for that specific purpose anyway, since the layout of the text in the editor has little to do with what prints. The main reason for using soft-line numbering such as you describe is for precise referencing, but if nothing is going to line up between input and output, it is a tool without much purpose. The numbering method Scrivener uses is more broadly useful for proofing, but was mainly implemented for poets.

That aside, if it were a simple matter to number soft-break lines I’m sure it would have been added many years ago as a setting. My guess is that the text engine doesn’t return that level of detail. I could be wrong though, and it is mainly an issue with the first point: why add something that generally couples with a precise layout engine when that’s not the kind of software you’re making?

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