Line numbering in snapshots

Hi :slight_smile:
In the editing stage of a novel here, it reminded me how nice and useful it would be if the snapshots could display line numbers just like the editor does; so that one may find corresponding passages quite more easily.

The line numbering tool is a bit of a code nightmare. Getting it into the sidebar is probably not ever going to be viable. However, that shouldn’t be a problem! In fact in my opinion the best place to do an in-depth review of a snapshot is full-size, alongside the original:

  1. Split the editor vertically.
  2. Open the Snapshots inspector tab.
  3. Drag the snapshot you want to examine into the other editor’s header bar.
  4. Enable line numbering if necessary.

Thanks Amber, but that’s not quite it.
I meant in the snapshots panel. To quickly look at different versions in time, just to see what else I’ve got – how it was a few weeks ago, in case something better got edited into a less natural version of itself. Etc.

Although doing it in a split editor works, the manipulation needed to successively drag each snapshots in the editor’s header is just about equal to the time required to find the spot aiming approximatively by using the scroll bar from the main document as a reference.

I understand that is not what you meant, but like I say, it is extremely unlikely that this fragile piece of code is going to end up in the sidebar, so I’m showing how snapshots can show line numbers. There is another way of getting to that point though:

  1. Right-click on editor header bar icon and pick the snapshot from the “View in other editor” submenu.

That sets up the interface and selects the snapshot for you.

I keep my documents as small as possible (I split my chapters wherever I can), but should I have long documents, that’d be a good enough workaround.