Line numbering

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The possibility to have line numbering in the margins would prove very useful when copies are printed to readers for review and comments!
Often used in scriptwriting, would be great in all kinds of writing situations.

I’m sure you’ll get what you want. Why? Because the Mac version has line numbering (Format > Options > Show line numbers), and L&L are committed to feature parity.

Except, as far as I’ve been able to tell, the line numbers cannot be printed/compiled; they’re only visible in the editor. That doesn’t do any good if you want to distribute copies of a document or set of documents so that people can refer to the line numbers in the margins.

Oops! :blush: Thank you Robert. As my teachers used to say, “Always read the question carefully.”

That’s true. Line numbering will come to Windows in the editor, but I’m afraid there are no plans to add line numbering to printing in the next major version. It might be considered beyond that, though.

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Actually, this is something that I would do in a word processor anyway. I don’t use Word, but I would imagine that, like the Mac-only Nisus Writer Pro that I use, it wouldn’t be much more than a click on a menu entry, though I assume Word too would also give you the option to set it to restart numbering by Section/Chapter or Page, as well as other possible settings.

Apart from using NWP to convert my manuscript to running styles, I always open something I’ve written in NWP after exporting from Scrivener anyway, as seeing it presented differently helps me spot typos and other infelicities that I have missed previously.

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