Line numbers in gutter do not properly show double digits when first encountered

While writing—poetry especially—I sometimes keep line numbers enabled (usually for only every fifth line), but have run into an annoyance with how the line numbering gutter handles double-digit line numbers.

When the text is first being entered, the ‘5’ appears as expected on the fifth line of text that actually has text (i.e., it doesn’t count blank lines, which is the expected and correct behavior). However, when the 10th or 15th or more lines are displayed, only the ‘1’ digit shows:

Here, all I did was grab the right resize handle to stretch the document size by whatever the default pixel number is (probably 1 pixel?), and voila:

It’s not a huge problem, but it does get annoying to have to resize the document to view the line numbers.

It doesn’t just affect the by-fifths only, however:

Thanks for the report. I can reproduce this when starting from a fresh document. The good news is that I cannot reproduce it in a newer build of Scrivener, so it looks like either directly or indirectly, that one has been solved.

Awesome, thank you for that. Also, I apologize for taking so long to thank you for your feedback!