Line Numbers-iOS

I posted this earlier in the Mac OS section, resolving my problem. However, realizing I work 50/50 between MacOS and the iOS environment on my iPad, I still have the same problem with Scrivener iOS. Maybe someone could help with the iOS environment too?

I’m editing and re-writing a draft - finally. It would be so much easier to come back to the same spot in a work if I had a way of numbering the lines of text. Is there a way to have line numbers show up on a manuscript, that are relevant to the chapter or subfolder? Where would I go to “turn on” this feature in iOS, if it exists?



I’m just starting a revision on a rough draft, also. This would be a brilliant addition to iOS.

A setting like that would probably be located in, under “Editor”, but there is no function for doing that. It would surprise me if the toolkit is capable of such a feature; on the Mac this feature is a form of ruler, such as the horizontal ruler where you set indents and tab stops—there is no ruler code on iOS.