Line numbers

When I compile for collaborative proofreading, it would be helpful for each line to begin with a sequential number. (See BBEdit for an example.) A proofreader can say, “Line 187 makes no sense,” and all of us can easily locate the line in question. Is there a way to cause this behavior? Thanks. -dp

Not in Scrivener, but if you load the RTF in LibreOffice you can turn them on in the Tools/Line Numbering... menu. Word has this as well, but I don’t know where it is on the Mac. On the PC it is in the Page Layout ribbon, near the bullet listing stuff.

Nisus, if you use that, can do line numbering too.

I proofread by compiling to ePUB format and then annotating the sentence or phrase. If the proofing problem is simply one of declension or spelling then highlighting the occurrence is enough.

When I’ve had to proof read other peoples document that are not Scrivenered I’ve adopted a similar style. Copied the offending item (with sufficient context and a page reference) and pasted it into a new document added my comments (with visible differentiation from the source text).

I’m in a context where the preferred form of collaborative editing is sitting around a table with each person referring to hard copy. Being able to refer to line numbers is about as high-tech as we get. But I do have Nisus, so I believe that solution will work for me.

Thanks to all who responded.