Line Numbers

Line Numbers would be a nice addon.

Sorry, but Scrivener isn’t a programmer’s tool - I don’t really see the point of line numbers, as they have no bearing on anything when your text is wrapped.
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Line numbers would be really wonderful for poetry.

It’s obvious you’ve never written poetry if you don’t see the need for line numbers. Why even advertise this software for poetry if you can’t add a simple feature like line numbers? And by line numbers I mean line of text. That helps readers, critiques, etc., refer to places in longer poems.

And when would you like the line numbers displayed? In the editor? If they’re displayed there, the lines are wrapping depending on the width of the editor’s display. This may or may not correspond to the width of the compiled document, so the line numbers may change when the work is compiled. Is that a problem?

I’m a former literature major, and I’ve read quite a bit of poetry. I even tried writing some, back in the day. So I have to ask, when exactly did reading and writing poetry get all spreadsheety? Line numbers? Huh?

jahnajohnson - you do realise that you have resurrected a thread from over four years ago, do you? Line numbers have been in Scrivener for Mac for over a year now.