line scanners + iPad

Has anyone used a line or pen scanner connected to an iPad via USB using the camera connection, or even via bluetooth? I’d like to scan bits of text as I’m reading (eg at the Library) into something like, say, PlainText and then access them back at base.

To answer my own question in a word: no. I bought a second hand irisPen that works great on my iMac but of course it needs a USB driver so there is no way it would work on iPad. In the interest of science (and a foolishly irrational desire for it to work) I did plug into the Ipad via camera usb adapter but nothing happened. Since the pen is essentially a little camera I tried it in Photos! But, since it draws power from USB it aint gonna happen. Dreams dashed on the rocks of reality.


Since I like watching hope get shredded against those rocks, go get yourself a POWERED USB hub. Connect iPad to converter, converter to hub, pen to the hub. That will solve your power problem. It may introduce other issues though.

Hmm, might try that as an experiment, but doesn’t help when I want steal good lines while at the library or bookshop., I suspect I need a battery-powered pen scanner that saves to itself that you can download from. Assuming there is such a thing.

there are battery powered hubs on the market. Most of them are targeted to laptops. You will need a few AA batteries.

I am starting to feel the beginnings of an evil scientist laugh.