Line space number change

I have been noticing a great deal that the line spacing number I constantly change from 1.0 gets changed to 1.1. Why? The editor is not set as such. I am thinking this is a bug.

It would be good to know how we can arrive at this same result. Here is the procedure I would use to test this, so you can try it yourself, and then add any notes where you are doing things different:

  1. Create a new blank project for testing purposes.
  2. Type in a few words into the starter document, and note the line-height setting in the toolbar. Is it 1.0?
    • If not, go into File ▸ Options... and under Editing: Formatting, ensure you default settings are correct.
    • If so, try doing some editing tasks that you might commonly do, particularly those where line-height might change, such as adding an image or switching styles.

If everything seems solid in this test project, then go back to your main project and try again, but this time in a fresh binder item that you create just for testing. Follow the above procedure and look for differences.

The editor is not set as such. I am thinking this is a bug.

It’s a bit of a picky note, but to make sure we’re on the same page, the editor itself does not have a setting. Rather, as in most word processor oriented programs, each paragraph (or line) has its own setting. Thus you can change one paragraph to 2.0, then return to 1.0, or have a hundred different settings throughout a document.

Saying it was a bug does not mean I was being rude. I was just putting my cards on the table. What I may end up doing is starting over and copy and paste my work over to a new project. Switching to dark mode, not all the text was white. If everything is working as it sounds from what you have written, my issue could be a bad importing transition. Thanks for your time.

Select a paragraph you like and go to Options->Editing->Formatting to make that paragraph format the default. Then apply that to all documents by selecting documents and using Document->Convert->Convert to Default Formatting.