Line Spacing and Indentation

The drop down list shows the line spacing, but also selects different indents. However, the indent information isn’t shown in the list items. So how do I know what indent I’m selecting?

There are some real bugs in this pulldown – how do I work around them?

For example, I click on a paragraph, and the Line Spacing control changes to 1.0x 0.0/6.0. I open the control and choose More… and it shows 6.0 and 6.0 as the before and after spacing. I click Cancel, and the control now shows 1.0x 6.0/6.0.


You’ve been registered on the forum for a week and you’ve posted almost as much in 7 days as I have in two years (and I’ve been productively and happily using Scrivener for rather longer). How do you ever find the time to write anything (I assume you are using Scrivener to write, not simply as an e-book complier/conduit)?

I ask out of sheer envy.

You’re right, Dr. Dog, what a lot of posts.

I’m a retired software designer, and when I learn something new, I spend a lot of time on it. Years of reporting and fixing design issues is a hard habit to break.

When I had my own software products out there, I loved and cultivated the curmudgeons who were criticizing my interface or reporting bugs. With every suggestion or complaint I thanked them profusely, and asked them to keep the comments coming.

I never argued or told them “Hey, nobody else has reported this issue.” I knew that for every squeaky wheel there were 10 customers who had the same problem, but didn’t take the time to report it.

Some companies “get it,” some don’t. It doesn’t matter; when I see a bug or design problem (and the line spacing pulldown has both), I report it.

P.S. I guess I didn’t really answer your question. I’ve been using S for seven days now, about seven hours per day. Of those 49 hours, I’ve spent two or three hours posting questions and suggestions.