line spacing bug in scriver 1.10 and 1.11 and Leopard

It seems so, that I have found an easy to spot bug.
I am using a MacBook 2,2GHz with Leopard. After installing and registering scrivener 1.11 I opened the program.
Opening a new project I get an empty window with a HUGE blinking cursor. The line spacing is really big and it seems that there are several lines between. Opening the tutorial makes it quiet obvious, that there is a bug: Some lines are ok, others have the big line spacing. Changing the line spacing in the popup menu of TEXT/RULER/SHOW RULER does change things, but does not help. An explanation of these parameter would be also quiet helpful.
I tried the same software under Tiger and everything works fine.

Since I am depending on Leopard right now it would be cool, if you could fix this. After reading a bit around on other forums I found someone, who had the same problem in 2005?..

Best regards,

Hi Tom, I’ve answered this question in the technical support forum - I check all forums so there is no need to cross-post. This is not a bug.
All the best,