Line Spacing Has No Effect

I have text in the editor as shown. I don’t know why the text all of a sudden changed its formatting from single to double spaced, changing it back does nothing.
Also, tabbing enters a line and not small number of spaces.
Had to back-up Scrivener, my custom compile templates are gone. Sigh.

Could you do the following :

Make the ruler visible, then take a new screenshot of that document, but including the top of the editor, as well as the format bar ?

(Leave “show invisibles” turned on. Like in your current screenshot.)
(And make sure the focus is on the editor. Have your cursor be blinking in it.)

= Best that you backup your project first. =

Your text seems to actually be at 1.0x
but with a space before where you x) some lines.
(I don’t know where your cursor was, but your format bar says 1.0x )
→ This definitely looks like 1.0x :

I wanted to see if there was a style assigned, but your screenshot doesn’t show…

Looking closer (at the top half of your screenshot, actually), the issue is definitely with those x) lines.
They not only have a space before, but they obviously use a style that is not at 1.0x (more like 2.0x).
Select and fix one of those paragraphs to look the way you want them, and redefine your style. (?)

I mean a paragraph like this one:

You probably want the space before, so leave it if that’s the case, but set the line spacing to 1.0x like the rest, and redefine the style that they have assigned to them.
Format / Style / Redefine style from selection
That’ll fix them all at once.

If this is not what you meant, well, nevermind then :wink:

For the tabs I don’t know. (I expected to see a bunch of tab stops in your ruler (not sure what you meant by “line” – perhaps that you had to tab like 7 or 8 times → image ? ← ), but there is none. :man_shrugging: )

For some reason, I find your second screenshot more confusing than anything else…

What a rabbit hole.

Entering a single tab enters an empty line and drops the cursor down to the next line.

How did you get those two in ?

I didn’t. When Scrivener imported the Word file into a blank project, that’s what it produced.

How much of what we see was typed or edited in Scrivener ?

Was the text that is now at 2.0x spacing ever at 1.0x in Scrivener?

  1. None.
  2. Never.
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That changes everything.

I don’t think I’ll be able to help in this case. Someone else will though. I’m pretty sure. Lots of smart people here.

So I should abandon the Import feature? Buy a license for Tiger Office in Mumbai and send them the file to be keyed into a new Scrivener project? Strip everything out to plain text?–an option, I know, but then I have to manually bold 500 different words and not even AWK can handle that.

Your post had 22 characters.

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Not saying that.
You just need help from someone who knows better than I do what to do in this case.

→ You understand that I am just a user like you, right ?
I don’t work for Literature & Latte.

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I know. I thank you very much for trying. I’m a long-time user and I can’t believe I keep running into these edge cases with Scrivener, but I do.


Post must be 20 characters

Let’s try something else. Show the above page in the editor. Put the cursor in one of the paragraphs and let’s see how the paragraph is formatted.

Menu → Format → Paragraph → Line and Paragraph Spacing

For my test to show you, the setting I have for Paragraph Spacing “after” is 6 pt. Your’s might be 12 pt or perhaps the Paragraph Spacing “before” is not zero.

And I notice you are using tabs in many places, but you have no tab stop set.

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That’s how the text came after import. It was unintentional as Scrivener (apparently) does not give the user any control over import beyond identifying the file type.

Changing the interline spacing here worked! Amazing.
Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 11.31.37 AM