line spacing help please

Quick question please. I set Scrivener to line spacing 1.0x in compile and the result is good when I preview on my Kindle for PC, but when I put the file on my Kindle reader to test it, the spacing is at what looks like 1.5x to 2.0x spacing. Anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it?

Checked the line-spacing settings (if available) in the Kindle itself?


I’ve got my Kindle linespacing setting exactly the same for my book as other ebooks on my kindle. This is not the issue unfortunately. What’s happening is in my scrivener compile to .mobi I’m somehow outputting a 1.5x linespacing setting that’s overriding everything (even my preserve formatting options). In formatting under compile I’ve got the linespacing set to ‘single’ and ‘override text and notes ticked’. I don’t know where I’m going wrong here? Maybe it’s a bug?

Here’s my settings:

I just had a quick thought. I think I originally dropped the text in from Word when I bought Scrivener. (I can’t remember it was a while back) If this is the case maybe there’s some screwy default formatting going on? Is there anyway to strip out any sneaky formatting?

It’s not a word import problem as I’ve tested a brand new file and compiled it. Still same result everything even ‘preserve formatting’ areas are 1.5x?!??! Help! Someone :slight_smile:

Scrivener’s XHTML conversion doesn’t currently support the line-height attribute, which should not be used for the body text when compiling to Kindle in any case; the Kindle Publishing guidelines require the body text to use all defaults, so line-height, font-size, etc. should not be specified. What you’re seeing is thus just the default as given by the device for the selected font and font-size chosen on the display.

If you need to set a line-height for certain paragraphs, you could mark the passages in some other way, e.g. put them all in red text, then compile to epub and use a tool like Sigil to modify the CSS to change the class with the red text to instead use modified line height. Line-heights below 120% are ignored by the Kindle, however, so this would only help you increase the spacing.

Thanks MimeticMouton I understand what you’re saying. But there’s something funny going on with my ‘Windows’ Scrivener output from compile.

I don’t have time to do screen grabs at the moment but I have two ebook .mobi files to compare.
First thing to note is I have my kindle and kindle previewer settings to exactly the same Font size 4 and line spacing ‘large’.

One .mobi I made first with HTML a long time ago and appears in the kindle/kindle previewer environment single spaced and able to have formatting changed in the kindle environment and the other is the Scrivener produced .mobi which appears as 1.5x line spacing with exactly the ‘same’ settings on kindle/kindle previewer. Look I don’t know what’s going on but it is what is.

I’ve really got absolutely no where trying to solve this thing except for someone on kboards who said he has both Scrivener for Windows and Scrivener for Mac and the Windows compiler is a train wreck of issues resulting from compile. What I’m going to do is use Scrivener as a writing tool and then break the code apart in Sigil and clean it up then output it the way I used to. Which is disappointing, but I’m not about to go out to buy a Mac to solve this thing…yet.