Line Spacing - Help Pls!

I need help with line spacing please. There are places in my manuscript where I want to have two paragraphs separated by a blank line, but I do not want ALL paragraphs separated by a blank line. Each paragraph is a separate text file. If I manually insert a blank line (by pressing the RETURN key), all is well when I compile as PDF.

But when I compile as ePub, then look at the resulting file in iBooks, the blank line is not there (there is no blank line between the paragraphs). If I go back into Scrivener, hit the RETURN key twice, then recompile, only one blank line appears in the ePub. So it appears that when compiling for ePub, one blank line is replaced by no blank line, and two blank lines are replaced as one blank line.

If I leave two blank lines in the manuscript, then the PDF compile shows two blank lines in the Compile result, which is not what I what. So basically I’m trying to get Compile to behave consistently vis-a-vis blank lines for ePub and PDF. Per the attached image, I tried using Compile > Separators, but the various combinations inserted blank lines in places where I didn’t want them, or failed to insert blank lines where I did want them.

Any ideas? Am I missing something, or do I need to organise my manuscript differently?

OK, solved this. I didn’t realise that how one organises text files in Binder affects the insertion of blank lines as controlled by Compiler > Separators. I spent three hours re-organizing the number and contents of all my text files, and now all is ok.

A new learning for me!