line spacing issue

I have never had this problem before. Suddenly I cannot use my return key to move to the next line without getting a double space. My line spacing is set to 1.5. My entire mss is formatted this way. If I want to create a new para, I just hit return twice. But now, the only way I can get to the next line in the body copy…in the way that I want it… is to fill out the line with text all the way to the very end and just keep typing. If I hit return, automatic double space. I even tried holding down ‘shift’ while hitting return and still get the double space. Driving me crazy. Do I have a setting checked someplace? Thanks for any help you have.

Is this happening for new documents as well, or only those you’ve been working in for a time? In the latter case, you probably just need to change your formatting back on the last paragraph, and from that point forward it will go on using that same formatting until you change it again. If it’s this way everywhere, then check in the Formatting preference pane and make sure the sample paragraph is set up the way you want it.

You may also find this knowledge base article to be of some use in fixing the current documents.

Thanks AmberV,
It looks like the style thing - top left - was set to paragraph instead of body. I clicked and all is well now. Thanks for your input.