Line spacing issue

Hi all,

I have a minor issue with line spacing. I’ve attached a screenshot where you can see that, for some reason, the space between two lines is different to the other line spacing. I have selected all of the text and attempted to set the spacing for all of the lines using the the line spacing button in Scriv’s formatting bar, but to no avail. This happens in a few other places as well, and there doesn’t appear to be any consistency in where it happens.

This doesn’t affect my work of course, just a little visual issue that I find annoying sometimes.

Try selecting the paragraph and then going to Format > Font > Baseline > Use Default. Does that help?

It certainly does. :smiley: Thanks Keith, much obliged.

Glad it helped! It looks as though one of your space characters somehow got some superscript formatting somewhere along the way.

I think I know what that caused that. Most of the docs I’m working on in this project were imported from MS Word, and some dates or other words in the text would originally have had superscripted characters attached.
Thanks again.