Line Spacing missing from Project Ssettings

I tried searching some keywords to see if this had been posted before but came up with nothing.

There doesn’t appear to be an option to set the default line spacing in project>project settings.

In the previous version of scrivener all text settings were under a single button and the line spacing (1.0, 1.5, 2.0) was available next to it (on the right) before the justification settings.

I have included an image.
Please feel to point it out if I’m just missing it.

Hi Zorriha,

Thanks for including the image, that helped.

Line spacing is there, you just need to grab the edge of the window with your mouse and pull the screen wider. :smiley:

The beta version of Scrivener had a bug where the program wasn’t correctly indicating when additional screen elements were offscreen. I guess the bug hasn’t been corrected yet. :cry:


Line and paragraph spacing is set via the format bar above the editor, but it looks like the default size on your screen isn’t wide enough to display that. There should be a little double-chevron icon to the right of the “A” icon showing that there is more not visible, and I’m not sure why it’s not displaying for you. It looks like you’re using the Dark Theme; have you made any other changes to the appearance settings? (Not saying they should cause it to disappear, but if we knew why it wasn’t showing we could fix that for the future!)

In any case, if you drag the window wider or reduce the size of the sidebar on the left, you should see the line spacing dropdown appear on the format bar, and you can set the project-specific spacing with that.

Hi Jennifer, I reported a bug similar to this in a very late beta release, I can try and find the post if it’ll help you.

ETA The beta bug I’m referring to wasn’t with the Program Settings formatting window, but with the general Settings formatting window (File > Options > Editing > Formatting), but it was a similar thing, where the chevron wasn’t correctly indicating more options were available offscreen.


Yeah, if you have steps for reproducing this, that would be great. I’m aware of the bug whereby the chevron is either not opening the menu or is opening it but not showing the line spacing, but I’m trying and failing right now to get the chevron to not show at all in the Project Settings using Dark Mode as in the screenshot above, so I imagine there’s another necessary trigger.