line spacing missing

I originally created a scrivener project in the mac version of scrivener 3. Now i’ve opened it in the windows beta version. All of line breaks are missing so everything is jammed together. Spaces are in tact.

I tried exporting from the mac to scrivener 2 and having the same problem.

Another thing I noticed is that the word count is 1 until i make a change (any change)

I no longer have access to my mac so I need to make this work. Is there anything I can do?

The line breaks in the content.rtf files look like they’re just escaped with backslashes. This isn’t working in my windows version.

For anyone else who has this issue, you can fix it with notepad ++ by doing a find/replace using the “Find in files” dialog. Replace ‘\r\n’ with ‘\n’ with the extended mode checked in the ‘Files’ folder of your scrivener directory. … -in-one-go

Linux/mac and windows line breaks are different and it doesn’t look like scrivener accounts for that.