Line Spacing on iPad/iOS

Hi, on my Mac version I’ve modified the default style to increase the line spacing between paragraphs (I used to just add an extra blank line, but then I’d have to clean this up before I compiled, so I put it into the style instead).

The problems are:

  1. When I open the project on iPad and create a new document, it doesn’t respect the style.
  2. When I open a document on iPad that already has the style applied, it gives me a super weird extra-tall cursor that keeps throwing me off - the cursor seems to be trying to extend to the height of the current line AND the big line break. My brain sees it and focuses on it :frowning:

Item 1 is understandable, but item 2 is driving me bonkers… do you know if there’s any way to fix it?

There is no default style in Scrivener. There’s a default format for new documents, but it doesn’t affect anything you’ve already written, in the way a style would. If you’ve created a style and applied it to everything but a few exceptions, that’s a very different thing. Did you?

  1. I think the oversized cursor is caused by an ongoing Apple coding issue.The developer was able to code around it in macOS but not in iOS. The relevant, goofy Apple iOS code for the developer to code around––cursor drawing method––is hidden. If an L&L employee doesn’t respond here to verify that’s still the cause, direct contact methods are here:

The developer (KB) gives an in-depth explanation here:

In that post, KB said you can prove to yourself it’s an Apple issue by testing in TextEdit, so I did (again). Result from yesterday: