Line spacing only before first paragraph of a style

Is there a way to make Scrivener add paragraph spacing before the first paragraph of a style, but not before subsequent paragraphs in the same style? I want it to look like this…

Body Style

Special Style
Special Style
Special Style

Body Style again.

That’s the sort of thing I’d do post-compile in Nisus Writer Pro. In a recent thread on their forum, a macro was created for a user to do precisely that kind of thing. I haven’t actually tried it, though. I can’t help you with Word from that point of view.

To do it in Scrivener, you would have to create at least two separate styles, depending on whether you set “space before”, “space after” or both.



Another way to achieve a similar look is to use ctrl-enter at the ends of lines in your special style. That way Scrivener will think they’re all one paragraph. If you turn on View->Text Editing->Show Invisibles, regular paragraph breaks show up as ¶ and ctrl-enter shows up as :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:.

Hope this helps!

Thank you both…these are good ideas.

I’m looking to do the same thing sort of…

I have a bulleted list that I want to define as a style. I want to put vertical space before and after the style, but not affect the paragraph spacing in the style.

I can’t use the ctrl-enter trick because scrivener won’t bullet those subsequent lines, they have to be paragraphs.

The two (or three) style idea just feels dirty and error prone (if I don’t style all of my bullet lists that way I’ll end up with different styling).

Is there another, better way to do the vertical space before/after a styled block?