Line Spacing Problem

I’ve noticed that sometimes in my documents (possibly as a result of pasting text into Scrivener), the style changes so that the return key leaves a space between lines. I have my line spacing set to 1.0 for the entire document, so I’m not sure how to fix it or what is causing it. Thanks!

It could be a few things, but they would all be located in the Format/Text/Line and Paragraph Spacing… tool. If you find a paragraph suddenly working that way, click anywhere within it, call up that panel, and see if anything like “Paragraph spacing after” is non-zero.

Something worth mentioning, it may be easier to just zap all (save for stuff you might want to keep, such as italics) of the formatting and make it uniform, if that’s really what you’re going for anyway. The Documents/Convert/Convert Formatting to Default Text Style… menu command will help you with that. Note it can clean multiple documents at once.

Okay, thanks. Where is that panel/tool you’re talking about.

The blue text are the menu commands to either load the paragraph settings panel, or to reset formatting for selected documents.

Wow, sorry about that. Thanks, I’m sure that’s where I’ll find the answer.