Lines Between Paragraphs lose style

I’ve seen a similar issue with text where styles have already been applied. The blank lines between paragraphs, even though they show as having the style applied when selected, will revert to their pre-style font size – which isn’t even the default font size selected in File–>Options–>Editing–>Formatting. I’ve not been able to test what causes this – it’s been seemingly random, so far, where the text automagically reverts. It’s easy to spot, because the text is 11point, whereas the spacing between paragraphs becomes 16point and looks rather disproportionate.

WTB “Reapply Style” button.

Moved to its own post as it is a different bug report.

Does this occur only with certain styles? Or have you noticed it more generally? Also are you using default styles or custom?

Thanks for your help with this.

This happens with all three styles I use – all custom styles. One of them (‘Block Quote’) was a default style that I selected “Redefine using …” the other two are completely custom

Some more information that may be helpful. The styles all use 11 point. The documents were all originally in a different project, then copied to a new one. The original project had used 16 point fonts. Once I copied the documents over, I had reapplied all the styles to make 11 point fonts. In the editor, everything looked good. It may be possible that, in fact, the blank lines didn’t receive the applied style (despite the editor visualizing that it did). I haven’t seen the issue occur, since the last post, though it had persisted for a week before I posted it here on the forum. I can’t reproduce the issue any longer…