Linguist Focus on Windows version

Hello guys.

It would be fascinating to have Mac’s Linguist Focus on our Windows Beta. Microsoft Edge reading mode already offers something alike. However, we cannot edit anything from our text.

Please guys, consider bringing this awesome feature to your PC users.

Abs! :smiley:

Unfortunately, this feature is unlikely to come to the Windows version any time soon, because the technology upon which it is built is Mac-only. Essentially there is a Mac feature that allows apps to ask for all the verbs, adverbs, nouns or whatever in a piece of text, which means that my Mac code just has to invoke that. There is no such technology available in the Windows frameworks we use, meaning we have no way of doing it short of trying to write a language analysis engine ourselves, which is a huge task.

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Thanks for your thorough answer. I think I see what you mean that Mac featured grammatical differentiation. However, Microsoft implemented Grammar Tools to its language, meaning Scrivener could use the same technology in its Windows version.

Here is the official website showing it.

If it is inaccessible to Scrivener for any reason, would there be a palliative solution such as cloud analysis?

Evidently it did not get used.

At any rate, I don’t see where this article indicates it was added to “the language”. It was added to Edge a year ago, a web browser. Even if it was added to some system library somewhere, or a development toolkit they sell, that doesn’t necessarily mean we can do anything with it, since we don’t use Microsoft tools. They have to make it something all programmers can tap into, as a system service, not a language level tool.


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Neither am a web developer nor a programmer, but I search before I post.

I read here that Edge renders data from ebooks, PDFs and other documents before analysing them. Isn’t it what Mac does?

Then I went to Microsoft AI and found this:

There is a Machine Learning from Microsoft that does what I suggest. Perhaps, it is not a matter of technology, but of integration with something is already out there,

I also found Hemingway Desktop version for Windows.

I am not a programmer; I am an enthusiast of Scrivener and wish it a long and prosperous life. As I move towards more complex writing pieces, this feature would help a lot. Beyond that, can’t the Beta testes build a dictionary with nouns, adverbs, verbs, so on?