Linguistic focus + smart quotes

When I make edits with linguistic focus on, my quotes come out straight. Sometimes it converts when I remove the focus, many times it doesn’t.

I find keeping things consistently smart/straight is inconsistent, so I oftentimes have to open the entire manuscript, select it all and transform everything to smart-quotes just to make sure I got them all… but I feel like I’m sure to miss one of these times.

Thanks for the report! That was easy to reproduce, and I also noticed that ellipses and dashes also do not work (which isn’t surprising). Hopefully that is possible to fix, it might not be given that it’s basically two different pieces of largely stock Apple technology interacting with each other at our request.

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I think I read in one of the posts it uses regex for linguistic focus. The “sometimes it coverts” may be because of a single quote added (apostrophe) and “sometimes it doesn’t” could be because it’s escaping out a section? Something to test, perhaps.

Dialogue or speechmark detection may do that, but as for the parts of speech detection (I tested with nouns), that shouldn’t need anything done with regex, as these are libraries provided by the text editing toolkit that return tagged text, as I understand it, and then we format it dynamically.

I could be wrong though!

I’ve been using the dialogue mostly, for testing/reporting purposes.

Well that is good to know: must be more in the fading effect than the linguistic tagging in that case.

Curiously, the View ▸ Text Editor ▸ Focus mode doesn’t trigger the bug. Maybe there is a better technique we used there that can be copied back to this one.