Linguistic Focus?

I think that is what it is called on the Mac. It used to be a part of the beta but is no longer there as an option under Edit–>Writing Tools. Is this still planned for “feature matching” or has it dropped off for a future suggestion?

That was always one of the features specifically excluded, on account of not really be a Scrivener feature per se, rather more a front end to a basic Mac capability that any program can tap into, if the developers wish to.

Now marking direct speech on the other hand is something we added on top of that, and it may make it into 3.0, but if not, eventually. It probably will use a different name, so as to not raise expectations.


This might make i possible to add it to Windows 3.1?

It’s open source code to do parts of speech tagging

WOW! Talk about old school. Lets all do the Twist again like last summer :smiling_imp: :unamused:

Talk about going back in time

Had same thought :smiley:
But of course meant Windows Scrivner 3.1