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dear Keith
I know I know, what I’m going to say may put you out…:smiling_imp:
I hope you will stay grudgeless.(:?)
But after all it’s only a interrogation (not a grilling:8):
In Scrivener’s marvelous world there is only one thing that definitely misses me (and others): the ability to link to an anchor, that is to say to go to a precise location on another document. The time spent by searching a precise location inside a big linked page is unbearable when the thing is repeated again and again.
What is incomprehensible is that the most stupid html code allows an anchor creation.
Do you think Leopard will give that potentiality to Scrivener?

I leave you with a pink mug… :blush: :blush: :blush:

I am not allowed to comment on Leopard, but I can say that this ability will not make it into Scrivener any time soon, if ever. :slight_smile: HTML is rather different to RTF…
All the best,

Incredible! I was cocksure I should not have received the slightest response… Thank you to have taken the time! In my naive candor I thought it was easy to internally add something to a link information, for example the cursor position of the target or this or that…
But it stands to reason… not to dream to much :cry:

It’s a little different. If you think that web link anchors tend to be static, whereas in Scrivener, links would have to keep track of moving text. So, say you linked to a specific place in a particular piece of text. Now, say the link just linked to the character index of the the first character in the linked text. What would happen if you then edited before that first character? Or deleted lots of text in that document? The link would now link to the wrong piece of text. And then imagine how much processing would potentially need to be done for all links to keep track of the exact piece of text to which they were linked. It would mean that every time you typed, Scrivener would have to check through every document to see if it linked to any text after the text you were editing, and then update all of the links if necessary - ouch! By contrast, in HTML, you can link to an anchor, but no such anchor code exists in RTF.

Um, hope that explains it. :slight_smile: Also remember that Scrivener isn’t a Wiki program or built for complex linking - the Scrivener links were pretty much an afterthought to accommodate basic referencing, but not intended for anything more complicated.

All the best,

Waoooooo… :open_mouth: :confused: I swear I shall never reiterate my demand !
thank you to have calmed me down… :stuck_out_tongue: