Link between editor-activation and B-F-arrows

When I want to activate the left or right editor, I click on the page or on the titlebar of that page. However, when I click on one of the arrows (backwards, forwards), this does not activate the actual page.

While in some cases this may come in handy, I find myself constantly correcting the the activation of the right page I want to work on, even after years of use. :open_mouth:
Thus, I would love to see either an option to link/unlink arrow use with page-activation or just the arrows being integrated in the titlebar-activation.

Another wish, in many of my projects, I inserted Excel-files, for example for Gantt-charts of the project. I’d love to see an actual preview of such a file in the editor instead of a thumbnail.

Thank you and best regards from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Many users will want to navigate in the other editor without the focus changing, so the current behaviour is correct, sorry.

As for previews - update your OS. :slight_smile: Scrivener on Lion and Mountain Lion uses Quick Look previews for files it cannot open directly.

All the best,

Certainly. And the option I would like see too :wink:

Ah! I’m indeed still on SL 10.6.8 (best sofar imho). Will have to wait then previewing until 10.9 I guess.

Thanks for the comments Keith,

Best regards