Link capitalization and edit/add

Just discovered two link bugs (or what I take for bugs):

First, editing a link destroys the capitalization in the url, which poses a problem for links that use specific capitalization as part of an authorization key.

  1. Select some text in the editor and choose Edit>Add Link…
  2. Type in a link using some uppercase letters, e.g., and hit okay
  3. Select the text and choose Edit>Edit Link…

The link is now lowercase. It seems to work the first time, i.e. if you click the link after step two, the page will load properly (speaking here of a page dependent on the capitalization as entered in the link field, which I realize won’t be true for L&L). After you’ve selected to edit the link, however, it switches to lowercase. So if, for instance, you stupidly left “web” selected when dragging in a link which includes https:// and you need to edit it to be “no prefix,” you also have to re-enter the url. (Not that I speak from personal experience or anything…)

Second apparent bug: if you don’t select the linked text but just place your cursor inside it, the “Edit Link” option is available, but when you choose that and then click okay, the edited link gets inserted into the text in the editor and is a separate link from the surrounding text.

  1. In the editor, select the text “Literature and Latte” and use “Add Link” to link it to
  2. Move the cursor inside the link, at the end of “Literature”
  3. Choose Edit Link and switch the link from L&L to “” and click okay

You now get what appears to be one link in the editor: “Literature and Latte”. In addition to being a trifle ugly, it’s actually two links; clicking on “Literature” or " and Latte" will still get you to the L&L site, while the “” will take you to NaNoWriMo headquarters. So in essence, although it says “Edit Link,” you’re really just adding a new one, smack in the middle of your pre-existing text.

EDIT: Bah, I notice the second issue, with the edit/add link, also happens in TextEdit, so perhaps it’s not a fixable problem. The capitalization bug is limited to Scrivener, though, so maybe that one can be changed. I shall hope, until you tell me otherwise. :wink:

Yes, the Edit/Add thing is an annoying Snow Leopard menu glitch. It used to just say “Web Link…” but Apple obviously decided to make it smarter for Snow Leopard, but unfortunately didn’t get it quite right - sometimes “Edit Link…” will appear when there is no link to edit at all, for instance, along with the issues you mention. I tried overriding it but it didn’t work, so presumably the mechanisms that affect it go deeper than the levels I’ve tried to amend it at.

I have just fixed the capitalisation bug, though, so thanks for bringing that to my attention!

All the best,

Silly Apple. Ah well. Hurray for the capitalization fix, though; that was certainly the greater of the problems for me and my inability to do things right the first time. Thanks!