Link Does Not Get Copied Correctly

This is a strange bug, but serious.

I have an offer page at the beginning and end of my book. Here is the one at the beginning. You have to View Image to see the whole image.

I changed the link for the “Click Here,” then copied the contents of that page to the corresponding page at the end. That is, I selected all the text, copied, then went to the page at the end, deleted the text there, and pasted the copied text.

The link was not changed! Somehow, it retained the old link address. I did this multiple times with the same result.

Are you able to reproduce this in another project? I haven’t been able to make this happen, trying the following:

  1. Create two new documents in the binder, A and B
  2. Add three lines of text to A, select the middle line and apply a link (
  3. Select all from A, copy, and paste into B so the documents are the same
  4. Select the link in A and use Edit > Link… to change the link (, OK
  5. Select all from A, copy
  6. Select all from B, backspace to delete, then paste

I also tried duplicating A after step 2 and using the duplicate (rather than the separate document with the originally copied text), but in both cases the new link was pasted correctly into the second document. Are you doing this differently?

Thanks for the help.

In trying to reproduce it, I’ve discovered the problem.

Copying is not the issue, but changing the link is.

I had an existing link that I wanted to change. I wanted to right-click on the link, and choose to edit it, but that’s not an option. If I click on the link, it takes me to the destination, so that doesn’t work.

So, I put the cursor right at the end of the link. I choose Edit/Link…, and I see, in the dialog, the original text of the link that I want to change. I overwrite it with the new text and click OK.

But the old link is retained!

So, you can see why a user might do it that way, and why he/she might think that he successfully changed the link when that didn’t happen.

There is some other weirdness. If I select the link text by clicking and dragging right to left and choose Edit/Link, the dialog does not contain the link text. But if I select left to right, it does.

The workaround I will use will be to always remove the link first, and then select the text and use Edit/Link… to put in the new text. I will never use Edit/Link… to edit and existing link.

Hope that helps,