link from external into Scrivener

I’ve been poking around the forum for a while but still can’t find the answer to my question:
Is there a way to link from external (Devonthink) to a Scrivener document or text-piece?

(I understand the other way around works well e.g. for Devonthink… x-link…)

Reason behind is that I want to have pointers in DT that lead to the respective information saved in Scrivener.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Branko,

I’m not a DEVONThink user, so if there’s a special trick with that I won’t be of much help. It should be possible to do the basics of what you’re asking, but how well you like it may depend on what you intend as the results. Essentially you can link the specific Scrivener document, but as these documents will be .rtf files (or .pdf, etc. if you’re linking other file types from Research, though given that you’re using DT I’m assuming you keep most of your information there), clicking the link will open them in the default program for that file type; it won’t open the Scrivener project.

There are two methods I can think of, depending what file types you’re using. The hard-core way that will allow you to link any file types is to just grab the actual file location from the Scrivener package–essentially this will be something like file:///Users/[username]/Documents/[ScrivenerProject].scriv/Files/Docs/###.rtf–not pretty, because Scrivener just names the actual files with a number ID, so you’ll have to do the work of figuring out which file is the document you’re after, but it will work for any of the files stored in your Scrivener project and won’t change even if you change the title of the document in the project.

The second method will only work for your text files, and has its pros and cons. You can set up your project to Sync with External Folder, and then sync any of the text documents in your project that you want to reference from DT. This will create a new copy of the file outside of the .scriv package, but since it’s only text it shouldn’t take up that much space and it will provide a file to reference that has a human-identifiable title, taken from the Binder title. Downside is that if you change the title in your Scrivener project and resync, the title will update in your external folder–in normal usage, this would be desirable, but in this case changing the title will most likely break your link in DT. You’ll also need to be sure to sync whenever you update one of the files, since DT will be linking to this separate file and you’ll want to be sure it’s the most recent copy (a future update to Scrivener may provide the option of automatically syncing when the project closes). Finally, you’ll need to observe the limitations of the sync–for example, a document will lose any Scrivener Links when you sync it, so this won’t be a good option if you use those within the document text itself. (Links in the reference pane or document notes won’t be touched.)

This isn’t really something I’ve done in the context you seem to be using it, so I may be missing an easier method; someone may get back to you with a better idea, and Keith and Ioa will be back from break in another few days. For future reference, this is the sort of question that would better be asked in the Tech Support forum, as the L&L team reads that regularly (when they’re not on holiday) and this forum is intended for users to post tips, rather than questions. You’ll get a faster response generally posting in Tech Support. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to understand your situation, because for me, the DT --> Scrivener relation is from source to project. I compile research in DT and draft in Scrivener. So the x-links work great for me. Click on one in Scrivener, and the DT source item at once appears.

Maybe a solution lies in the Inspector panel for the DT item. You may there write an alias, path, URL, or comment that points to the Scrivener item. On the Scrivener side, Ch 16 of the manual, Annotations and Footnotes, might help, especially the sections on linked notes.

Hi druid,
What I try is to accommodate both directions, Scriv->DT and vv.
First case is as you describe, I draft project related documents in Scrivener and link to DT which is a research repository. No problem so far.
Second case is where I’m doing part of my research in DT directly. This is more a file-based (ppt,doc,pdf) rather than text-based operation. I need to find all relevant information for a given topic e.g. all ppts for a particular technology-area. (I work as Systems Engineer and as part of the job I hoard product information.)
However, while browsing or searching in DT beside ppts or pdts, I also want to identify relevant binder-documents that belong to a Scrivener file - ideally represented by a file or text-link in DT. Subdocuments in my Scrivener folders belong to various disparate projects.

Hi MimeticMouton,
many thanks for your comments. These are pretty interesting approaches which I’ll have to test. For the approach, manually identifying the individual documents in the Scrivener-OS-X package: I’m not sure if DT can show search results from within an OS X package - I guess this would do the job for me. A very brief try showed DT doesn’t look into OSX packages and therefore doesn’t come up with search-results. I’ll have to figure out via DT user-forum if there is a way doing it.

Furthermore, thanks for the remark regarding I was targeting my post in the Tips&Tricks category. I agree, this is none of what the category name suggests. It’s rather a Anti-Trick, something that needs to be figured out in the future :wink:.
Regards, Branko

No idea what DT can handle, but you can use Spotlight to run a search once you’ve opened the package in Finder (initial results will find the package containing the search terms but won’t identify the specific document inside; there may be a way to change that but I haven’t tried). Quick Look also can be helpful to double-check the contents.