Link index cards to multiple folders

I was wondering if there is a way to link my index cards/files to multiple folders in a way so that if I edit a file in one folder, it’ll update the file in another folder?

In other words: for my plotting, I like to break the scenes into plot type (in this case, major and multiple minor plots). I like to keep the plots separate for easy viewing and editing; but I would also like to combine all the plot types together and move them around in a separate file.

Does that question make sense?

Thanks you!


This sounds like something that Collections would be good for. Collections allow you to group and view arbitrary documents, so you could have a collection for your major plot points and a collection for your minor plot points, and moving them around in the collections would have no effect on their placement in the binder. You can read about collections in section 8.3 of the manual (Help > Scrivener Manual) or in step 14 of the tutorial (Help > Interactive Tutorial).

Hope that helps.

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