Link options don't correspond with the manual

The manual still talks about an ‘edit link’ option in the edit menu. This worked in scrivener 1, but I can’t see this as an option in the Scriv 3 edit menu. Am I missing something?

No, you are not missing something. :nerd_face:

I can confirm you are correct. The manual section 15.7.3 refers to an Edit Link option, but there is no Edit Link option under the Edit menu, nor is there an Edit Link option within Search Menus.

Either the manual is wrong or the developers haven’t implemented the option yet.

That said, if you highlight an existing external link in Scrivener and select Edit > Add Link, you can modify the link as if you were using Edit > Edit Link. Try it and see if it works for you.


This will be fixed in the next update, along with adding a full complement of hyperlink commands to the contextual menu.

Update: on the matter of using Edit ▸ Add Link..., it’s perfectly fine to do so. In fact this problem is 100% cosmetic, there will be no differences in behaviour, it’s just that the menu command is not changing its label when the selection would make the action “edit” instead of “add”.

great, thanks both!
i’ll try the workaround in the meantime